My Business: Tarot & Astrology Reading

Love Tarot Readings by Babysoftpink (BSP Consultation)

Tarot reading with my clairvoyant and clairsentient gifts
Online $3.88/minute
Powered by LivePerson

1-800-ASK-KEEN ext 04251097.

See Our Services Flyer Here

We would like to expand our love for you, our dear reader, into delicious treats, products, and services.

To start, we have prepared the following menu to whet your love buds:

  • Lovely 3-card Sugar Spread ~ $25  (email us now at babysoftred(a) to book!)
A simplified channel to tap into your current love’s state and lessons for growth. A proposed plan of action will be present to help you better reach your heart’s desire.  This is a magical hug that will pamper you and give your love life an instant boost.  It’s quick and easy.  It only takes 15 min.  Bonus feature – you will receive via email, a short one paragraph summary to serve as a refresher of our friendly chat.
  • Auspicious Yummy Date ~ $15 (email us now at babysoftpink(a) to book!)
Do you believe in luck?  Would you like to land that perfect job, do well on tests, have that perfect wedding or a nice move-in?  Regardless of your occasion, I could help you make that happen.  Based on your birthday and your partner’s birthday, I will select a few days when you would have the best chance of creating what you’ve been dreaming of …
  • Illuminative Diva Make-over ~ $30 (email us now at babysoftpink(a) to book!)
Would you like to appear charming and beautiful to your dream guy?  Your perfect first-date impression could open his heart to you.  Based on your birthday and facial features, we would recommend polish colors, hair colors, eye shadow and lip stick colors that would sure make your twinkles and pouts look amazing.   Fashion styles would also be recommended to highlight your best features to make him never forget you.
  • Love LOVE and More Love: I am the Goddess ~ $25 (email us now at babysoftpink(a) to book!)
Is marriage your ultimate goal?  Want to know ways to balance both your love life and work?  Need the know how  for maintaining a long distance relationship?  Not sure if he’s the “ONE” for you?  We will formulate a love score and a success ratio for you so you can make the call and be that goddess that you always dream of becoming.
  • I am a Curious Brainy Gal (20 min. chat with the Editor or Babysoftpink or both of us) ~ $35 (email us now at babysoftpink(a) to book!)
“Girls, I’ve read your ebooks from cover to cover but my situation is so uniquely that I think I could only benefit from chatting up the details with you.”
Hey, no worries. 😉 We get that a lot!  We think our ebooks are pretty comprehensive.  But if you’d like to get in touch,  We have all the time in the world for you, lovely ladies.
  • Love Doves Coaching (30 min. with free complementary booklet) ~ $75 (email us now at babysoftpink(a) to book!)
This is our best package worth over $130 in value.   If you’ve enjoyed our services and would like your very own customized package, a 5-pg booklet and our entire selections of À la carte at your disposure. This would be an ideal choice for you!
All services are delivered via email within 48 hours upon receipt of your PayPal payment.  Brainy Gal package and Doves Coaching will be conducted via Skype or chat. Please contact me at My professional profile on for more details. 🙂

You may also send me an email reading request using the button below.  🙂

For your convenience, I can also be reached at 1-800-ASK-KEEN ext 04251097.  Please arrange appointment with me prior to calling.   Thank you so much for your business in advance.


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