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  • Valentine’s day is a day when your secret admirer expresses “likeness” in you.
  • Valentine’s day is a day that celebrates the wonders of being a valentine to one another.
  • Valentine’s day is the best day to get married for you demonstrate that you would always remember your beloved along with millions of others even when your love may or may not last.
  • Valentine’s day is a day to reflect on the overly indulgent love that you’ve been receiving all years along from your beloved.
  • Valentine’s day is a day to be gratuitous about being a woman and to be so “privilege” to have  received and be in love with yours forever.
  • Valentine’s day is a day you thank god or a higher being of your preference for sending your beloved to you and for having the most precious and romantic memories which no one could steal, once they are experienced by you.
  • Valentine’s day is a day where our souls merge together till it feels like we are “one”, even it was a mere mental merge for the best orgasm of any kind occurs in the mind, when yours meets mine.
  • Valentine’s day is a day to renew your vows to self:
  1. You strongly believe in “everlasting” love under all circumstances and regardless of any life happenings.
  2. love lasts till death brings us apart and even at the moment you meet death, you swear you would be a “pair” with your beloved, in heaven, in hell or for the many generations to come, rich or poor, healthy or handicapped, male or female, smooth sailing or through difficulties.
  • Valentine’s day is a day where you will hold hands and offer your love in its entirety for your beloved. 
    Everything else in this world is meaningful unless there is a “WE”


This is something that I am quite excited about.  I recently discover that I still have my hymen.  I thought they were gone a while back but no, they were there the whole time.  (By the way, many women/girls don’t know how they even look like or that they are there, to help you better understand your own body, I would recommend these  two articles for you).  In light of my recent discovery, I have made a decision that I would endeavor to protect them as well as save myself for marriage.  This implies that I have made up my mind not to be intimate with a male before marriage.  This does not mean that I would stop satisfying my desires nor is this decision done for religious reason (check out YouTube’s “saving my hymen for Jesus“).  This is not done to serve anyone but for myself. I feel somehow I have saved my virtue and it feels liberated to think that I still have control over something that many just causally thrown away.  It makes me feel “good” to know that my decision truly represents the individual that I am.    I don’t care if others label me “old fashion”, “mock me for being an old maiden” or claim that “I don’t love them enough and often enough because I don’t offer myself completely to the other person”.  Well, to that, I say, “I love and appreciate myself. I love myself enough to respect my body and care for a precious extension of my body that I hold so very dearly.”

I hope my future husband would appreciate my decision.  If not, he is not worthy of my love.

New York Times Is Wrong about the Hymen--But
They Are Not Alone by Paul Joannides, Psy.D. on June 11, 2008 in As You Like It
Center for Young Woman's Health: Type of Hymen


蒼井空/蒼井そら (more of her pictures can be found here) is another actress lucky enough to cross over between AV industry and TV series.  The sad thing is she will be unable to be a mother.   Due to her occupational requirements, she has aborted a few babies and is on birth control pills almost everyday since the first day she started her career as an AV actress.  Hope she has a better future than Ai Iijima.  Also this post is a final salute paid to Ai Iijima.  (It’s almost one month after her passing)

蒼井空  has very high market value according to fellow blogger, Roissy.
Check this cool exercise out at:
Dating Market Value Test For Women

Platonic Sex (a novel and a movie of the same title based on her biography) is how I come to know Japan’s beautiful talk show host, the late Ai Iijima.   Many of her fans were saddened in the beginning of this year by her decision to retire from Japan’s entertainment industry.    I on the other hand, am saddened by the fall of a bright star on the Eve of Christmas (see The Japan Times Online).

Christmas Eve (the anticipation of Christmas) has traditionally been a time of  agony for me.  Putting aside the debate on virgin birth, the intend of Christmas (Christ+Mass) is for the celebration of the birth of a savior but reality often removes one from the day’s intended purpose. Many years ago, the day was marked by the rise of a star, one that lead the wise men to the stable where the Messiah was.

This year the day was tainted by the fall of a star.  Her words lead me to dive into the alternative meaning of “platonic sex”  If  “platonic love” refers to the deep spiritual bond between two lovers in the absence of sexual intimacy,  “platonic sex” could mean passionate love makings that enable the achievement of a deep emotional connection with the other.    If you can choose between “platonic love” and “platonic sex”, which would you choose?

Some would choose to avoid “platonic sex” at any cost.  It is not because the state is beyond one’s reach, it is more so that such avoidance enables the person to remain in his comfort zone.  The possible mental anguish resulted from achieving the state is caused by permitting uneasiness and unknowns into the person.  Though the soul feels less energized when sex is treated as an end to a need, the psyche feels safer and the body more relaxed.   Any other derivations from this face value is too much for the soul to handle.  So the natural alternative is “platonic love” for the longing and the anticipation, though intense, is easier on the heart for many.

If deep emotional connection really is that damaging to the person, then why do we still dream?

 November 3, 2005
A Liberating Goodbye
Cutting Cords 

In every relationship, people are constantly exchanging energy that can
become a chord connecting two people. This energetic cord forms just
below the breastbone and can remain long after a relationship has
ended. This unbroken cord may leave an open channel between you and
another person, through which emotions and energy can continue to flow.
If you are unaware that the cord exists, it is easy to feel the other
person’s emotions and mistakenly think that they are yours. Besides the
fact that this can limit the amount of closure you can experience in a
relationship, letting this cord remain intact can leave you with a
continued sense of sadness while creating feelings of lethargy as your
own energy is sapped from you. Cutting the cord can help you separate
yourself from old baggage, unnecessary attachments, and release you
from connections that are no longer serving you.

Finding and cutting unwanted cords is a simple, gentle process that
is best done alone and when you are relaxed. It is important that you
are strong in your intention to release the cord between you and
someone else. To begin, breathe deeply and perform a simple centering
meditation. When you are ready, visualize or sense the chords that are
connecting you to other people. Run your fingers through the cords to
separate them until you find the cord you wish to sever. There is no
need to worry, because the cord you need to sever will feel just right.
When you have found it, determine where the cut should be made and then
visualize the cord being cleanly cut. If you need assistance, Archangel
Michael can be called upon to help you with his sword. Afterwards, if
you feel that cutting the cord has left spaces in your energy field,
then visualize those spaces being filled with healing sunlight.

There may be times where cutting a cord can help free a relative or
loved one to reach new stages of growth. You’re not severing a
relationship, but you are severing the cords that are no longer serving
you both. At other times, a cord may simply refuse to be cut because it
is still serving a higher purpose. It is also important to remember
that cutting a cord with someone is not a replacement for doing your
emotional work with people. It can, however, be an enactment of that
work upon its completion. In any case, cutting a relationship cord
should always be viewed as a positive and nurturing act. By cutting the
cords that no longer need to be there, you are setting yourself and
others free from the ties that bind

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