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I had to re-read your message before I reply. To me, to be a consistent success is not to be afraid of appearing a failure to anyone even those who you care the most. Because if you are not afraid of appearing as “an nobody” to others, they can’t criticize you or hold you in a certain light anymore. From there, you can bounce higher than you could ever imagine before. It’s kind of like jumping the obstacle pole in an Olympic game. You must first bend your knees to position yourself before jumping higher to get over the pole. How high could you jump if you stand up straight at all times? When you turn your discomfort to joy, are you asking the better questions to ensure your joyfulness? Or are you treating discomfort as joyfulness? For example, for me, when I feel humiliated or embarrassed, I observe myself as a hardcore fighter who is not afraid of experiencing obstacles and when others humiliated me, I see myself as a joker creating happiness for others to mock. Who does not like a joker? This world needs some silliness. I laugh at my own short coming too what is not to laugh? This life is just a game and it is supposed to be fun, right? When I get rejected, I observe myself as being spared from pain and suffering of unfitting positions, unfitting relationships or unfitting circumstances. When I wonder why I am still single, I come up with the reasons that it’s NOT b/c I am not beautiful, not good enough, not young enough, not bright enough, not wealthy enough, not famous enough, it is because in order for me to have the freedom I currently have to achieve what I set out to do, in order to have one marriage that lasts forever, in order to have my children born to those parents at the right time at the right place, I willingly sign a contract before my birth that I am married at a certain age to that certain person. Because only then would I have all my criteria met. I could create my opportunities to be married at any time, but would the rest of life be the way I envision them if I jump into it now, just to win, just to show? I don’t have to convince myself and there is not a person I am obligated to. When I fail to the world standard, I observe myself being infused with confidence booster because when you do not dwell in failures, you stand up and go on, regardless how small the steps are, you gain more confidence and a brighter outlook matching forward. Those who have everything and never have experienced failures cannot take failure because the initial shock is too great for them to swallow. When you have only failure (no traffic to your sites), you understand internally that you are a success because your failure leads you to look beyond the world identity and expectation. You would never look if you are a success every time. Your site does not represent you or your success. You are a success just by being you. No one can do what you do. Although the corporate world seems to constantly peach to their employees that everyone is replaceable. This is simply not true. No one is replaceable. In fact, it looks as if replacing people is not loss to an organization but successful companies do not replace their employees easily. They treat their employees with dignity and respect which means they promote their employees and honor their working relationships by giving opportunities for them to grow within or outside the organization. Why is the U.S. failing now and all the capitalist thoughts are bringing doom to corporations because U.S.’s ruthless actions against humanity are finally catching up to them. Asia is less affected because traditions, respects and hard works instead of politics are still being valued to a certain extend. Great leader aren’t obsessed with power play to put down their subordinates, instead they treat everyone like they are future leaders themselves and this is called empowerment and it’s done on a daily basis. There is an old saying, “if you believe you can, you can” this is the first step as shifting your reality! Break it all down to the bottom line, only other humans (not your site or your money or your image etc) are your collective whole. When you tell them they are replaceable, you are telling yourself you are replaceable. When you mistreat them, you mistreat yourself, when you empower them, you empower yourself! I don’t know the real cause of hardwork =/= success but I am guessing that it’s not always about hardwork. Heavy workload/hardwork leads to restrictions which leads to mood downswing/buster which leads to imbalanced and ultimately, dissatisfaction. The corporate world is dominated by slave driving hardwork that creates and feeds on nasty collective conscious of its workers. That’s why there is no success at the worker level but just more work. Success is at the executive level where even the executives of failing companies like Ford and AIG are ensured of their annual bonus for their executives who I could assure you do much less work than the worker bees at the professional level or the labor level. They play as well as work because life is not about working too hard. Playing too hard is equivalent to working too hard. Any extremity is borderline obsessiveness so indulgence would tilt the balance scale. I am suspecting that the ones who work moderately and are balanced physically reap the most in the material world on a consistent basis. That is not to say they don’t work, they just do the best they can without abusing themselves and live every moment expecting to be treated like a leader. So perhaps tweaking “tiny nothing who deserves a lot more” to “big-shot someone just deserves a lot. Period” alter your immediate reality. I am rambling on just like you. 🙂


I think I am going to check out, “The Holographic Universe” by Talbot at Barnes and Nobles when time permits. As far as “negative” comment is concerned, I still fall into that trap from time to time, especially when the ego of my earthly self is involved. Sometimes, I compare myself to other people like why aren’t they attacking the ego of others and only uses the most defeating words to describe me. Then I realize it’s all just a mental drill there is no such thing as being better or worse. I am my only creation, the moment I decide to attack of the ego of another by challenging their faith, their belief, their view and their conception of the world, I solicit a reaction. Sometimes good but most times, it’s bringing out the fear and the dejected from that person. I, to them, an image, a familiar image stored in their memories from their past. I am not real to them and they aren’t reacting to the real me, but the projected suppressed memories of a person of their past who may share similar personality and attitudes as me. The more powerful the challenge from a more powerful person, the more powerful and advance I am to that person.  In fact, they don’t see me as weak; they see me as above as and stronger than them.  Unless the person evaluating knows the whole life of everyone else involved in the matter otherwise all comparisons are just mental drills of useless efforts as one single individual could not guarantee an absolutely un-bias evaluation of a person or a situation. We have many lives and many collective experiences and even God is not able to thoroughly trace all of us through our many lives. As we know, there are different Gods, one in each universe, parallel or horizontal to the one we are in. And it is even hard to define which is real, you could only use the one that fits in the best it can to support your creations.
However the illusions that are created by the perfect princess gets married in a splendor reception and loves by the whole world is so far out of reach for me that I should release the urge to consistently compare. I could never fit into that mode even if I want all the privileges that come with it, even trying hard to pretend like one is a terrible waste of my energy. I like to challenge men and look upon them as if they are my equal and at times, my inferior. This rubs men the wrong way and sometimes caused them to lash out at me. But I see nothing wrong with being who I really am and act out accordingly to the ways I feel comfortable. And let me say men could be particularly harsh to women who act outside their submissive role. This is not so with men and men interactions. I am still seeking to create that happy medium where men could treat me without harshness or excess lustiness. Another element at play with “negative” comments, are the people who wrote negative comments are in self destructive dark gloomy mode baiting for some reactions, often negative. They always are and they want you to react to their baits and they want to win. They could always win at the argumentative level because darker force/wavelength obviously weights heavier and is harder to pull away from, which is why people are stuck in the rat race and the majority of our culture feeds predominantly on that force. But winning in the sense of winning an argument is useless. What you want to achieve in life is the ultimate joy, success and archiving goals that you set up to do before life begins while still able to enjoy the journeys along the way. Winning the goals, winning the fight and losing sight of maintaining your joy and letting negativity entered your realm is simply not going to work. Your life is about not proving you are right and they are wrong. You are always right because your reality is true and you are the magnificent being you are by just being a being.  There is nothing to prove to the world.  There is nothing that you need to do in order to call yourself a success.  That is not to say you do nothing but you do things that honor who you are and create matters that support your truth.  Everyone is right.  So are you going to make dark gloomy thoughts right or happy joyful moods right? Each reality is readily available and have manifested many times before your existence. Those “negative” comments, let me emphasized are seeking scientific proof or just plain old proof. Your life experience is unique and you are unique, only you know how life really is. Even if you attempt to prove it to another, they won’t understand it the way you do anyway because they are never you and could never be you. Logically speaking, they bear no burden of proof by challenging you, they careless, all they want is scientific proofs or proofs that satisfy them but if they are not satisfied, there is no amount of proof coming from outside of them could fill that satisfaction.  Hence, they will never be satisfied.  I find scientific proofs simply are too “one” dimensional for anyone seeking spiritual reality. I want more than “one” dimensional; one size fits all explanation for everything because I know there is more to it than what is presented. My hunger for knowledge beyond this world is not limited. I did come upon one comments that I agree wholeheartedly which is in contradiction to the theories of phase 1 and 2 game but it is based on the same fundamentals, we are each our own universe and we each play the creation game the way we want to, however, my universe through my own creation stumble upon your universe and that’s how our first interaction begins. I am not a powerless puffin although it would seem so in your own universe. We are each a powerful creator and when our world collides, the collision is caused by your creations of a certain goals as well as mine. I come along because that certain goals created by me share similar traits as those in your universe, therefore, we become co-players of the game, once the goals/mission accomplished, we depart, maybe briefly, maybe temporarily, maybe a whole life time. No one knows the duration or time line of our interactions and it could be alter any minute per each of our deliberate creations. But all these creations are done so that we are able to each advance onto the next phase of our journey, a more marvelous creation with even more creative opportunities.  Cheers to a more lovely tomorrow.

nokia-eseries-hello-kitty-phones-alasRecently, I’ve been eye-ing that kitty cell phone and something in me wants to order from Japan again. Yes, I know. It’s another *HUGE* economical cost (stock fees+S/h+ new memory, sound cards et al… ) in exchange for un-necessities in an unstable time, let alone the other 100 logical factors why this is a BAD idea. The most shameful one out of all is I suddenly am in competition with my 12-yr old neighbor who wants that phone. How could I ever allow myself to get down to that level of nativity (or greed) and attempting to fight that candy from the little soul. Candies are supposed to be reserved for little souls, ain’t for older fellows, when am I ever going to get this? Nonetheless, we humans only really need ONE motivation to initiate actions. Here is my forethought.’ If we only live for necessities, aren’t we giving up our privilege and capacity to be a human being?’ (okay, I will spare you my five other ‘faulty’ logic – I’ve been reading that “Critique of Pure Reason” translated text again and obviously WAY too much, sigh. Me and my ‘1781’ thinking ). They say a picture is worth a thousand words… now, let’s take a look at some pictures.


Platonic Sex (a novel and a movie of the same title based on her biography) is how I come to know Japan’s beautiful talk show host, the late Ai Iijima.   Many of her fans were saddened in the beginning of this year by her decision to retire from Japan’s entertainment industry.    I on the other hand, am saddened by the fall of a bright star on the Eve of Christmas (see The Japan Times Online).

Christmas Eve (the anticipation of Christmas) has traditionally been a time of  agony for me.  Putting aside the debate on virgin birth, the intend of Christmas (Christ+Mass) is for the celebration of the birth of a savior but reality often removes one from the day’s intended purpose. Many years ago, the day was marked by the rise of a star, one that lead the wise men to the stable where the Messiah was.

This year the day was tainted by the fall of a star.  Her words lead me to dive into the alternative meaning of “platonic sex”  If  “platonic love” refers to the deep spiritual bond between two lovers in the absence of sexual intimacy,  “platonic sex” could mean passionate love makings that enable the achievement of a deep emotional connection with the other.    If you can choose between “platonic love” and “platonic sex”, which would you choose?

Some would choose to avoid “platonic sex” at any cost.  It is not because the state is beyond one’s reach, it is more so that such avoidance enables the person to remain in his comfort zone.  The possible mental anguish resulted from achieving the state is caused by permitting uneasiness and unknowns into the person.  Though the soul feels less energized when sex is treated as an end to a need, the psyche feels safer and the body more relaxed.   Any other derivations from this face value is too much for the soul to handle.  So the natural alternative is “platonic love” for the longing and the anticipation, though intense, is easier on the heart for many.

If deep emotional connection really is that damaging to the person, then why do we still dream?

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