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ebonypullringfulllengthI am not trying to make light of Facebook friends but there is a great difference between “real” friends who you can rely upon in life as supposed to some nosy jerk on Facebook.  You tried to be “nice” to accept their friend request but you ended up hurting.  They spy on your info, if they don’t get it from your wall or your bio.  (you can always set up limited profile so those who aren’t really your friends cannot spy on your stuff), they ask you straight away.  When they don’t get the response they want, they de-friend you discreetly.  They think the de-friending was done discreetly but is it really not all that discreet when I can outsmart them with the “see who you breakup with?” application on Facebook.  Although no one on your friends list would know but the hurt has experienced because YOU know the truth and YOU experienced the hurt.  I don’t  think it is morally correct to de-friend someone just because you get too many of their feeds….aren’t you Facebook savvy to have turned off a large portion of a person’s feed if they were really that annoying to you? It is really not their fault that they are so incredibly “active” on Facebook. People just aren’t meant to be at your disposal at all times.

I have made up my mind to block such people from my page.  Once a jerk, s/he will always be “one”, people don’t change all that much.  It is even more unforgiving if they were to tell you that they gave you up because you are the unfortunate ten deleted in exchange for a whopper.  You trade a friendship for an extra 690 pounds of nasty calories, sigh…what kind of culture have we worshiped?

Lesson learned is: choose your friends carefully, even the Facebook ones but there is always a silver lining in every situation.  In this situation, you will be able to tell your “true” friends from the unreal ones way before you need them for something later.  Not that I am hinting you will need to ask your friends for help but it’s always important to deficiate the true friends from a mere acquaintance

Here is an article on a somewhat related topic that I want to share with you today.  It’s called, how your friends’ friends could affect your mood by Michael Bond

“In our scripture it is written that when you do not have hope you look for it in the face of a friend.” Read it here

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