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Again, it’s not even XX that makes me upset
It’s other people other people’s expectation of what a perfect relationship is.  Other people’s interpretation of what a perfect relationship is and insist on making me feel like if I don’t live their interpretation of a perfect relationship, then I am not happy or the guy is not worth it.  If I am happy then everyone around should just support me. If I have to die for someone because I love that person, people should just leave their hell their butt out of the decision maker and support that person because who are they to suggest anything or make any decision.  Of course this is just a figure of speech and I am making my point across.  Relationship as you said earlier in the other message regarding marriage celebration is very, very personal only the two people inside it would know what it is like.  Whether it be a love relationship a platonic relationship or any other kind of relationship it’s always between two people even when they are others.  The relationship between two person is unique and only between them no one is alike.

I am writing for money now and in a process of writing more applications for school and may become a member of the military. 

I would hope to keep up the work I have for this blog whenever I have the time to add to this.  ^_^

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