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Posted on: September 30, 2009

I had to re-read your message before I reply. To me, to be a consistent success is not to be afraid of appearing a failure to anyone even those who you care the most. Because if you are not afraid of appearing as “an nobody” to others, they can’t criticize you or hold you in a certain light anymore. From there, you can bounce higher than you could ever imagine before. It’s kind of like jumping the obstacle pole in an Olympic game. You must first bend your knees to position yourself before jumping higher to get over the pole. How high could you jump if you stand up straight at all times? When you turn your discomfort to joy, are you asking the better questions to ensure your joyfulness? Or are you treating discomfort as joyfulness? For example, for me, when I feel humiliated or embarrassed, I observe myself as a hardcore fighter who is not afraid of experiencing obstacles and when others humiliated me, I see myself as a joker creating happiness for others to mock. Who does not like a joker? This world needs some silliness. I laugh at my own short coming too what is not to laugh? This life is just a game and it is supposed to be fun, right? When I get rejected, I observe myself as being spared from pain and suffering of unfitting positions, unfitting relationships or unfitting circumstances. When I wonder why I am still single, I come up with the reasons that it’s NOT b/c I am not beautiful, not good enough, not young enough, not bright enough, not wealthy enough, not famous enough, it is because in order for me to have the freedom I currently have to achieve what I set out to do, in order to have one marriage that lasts forever, in order to have my children born to those parents at the right time at the right place, I willingly sign a contract before my birth that I am married at a certain age to that certain person. Because only then would I have all my criteria met. I could create my opportunities to be married at any time, but would the rest of life be the way I envision them if I jump into it now, just to win, just to show? I don’t have to convince myself and there is not a person I am obligated to. When I fail to the world standard, I observe myself being infused with confidence booster because when you do not dwell in failures, you stand up and go on, regardless how small the steps are, you gain more confidence and a brighter outlook matching forward. Those who have everything and never have experienced failures cannot take failure because the initial shock is too great for them to swallow. When you have only failure (no traffic to your sites), you understand internally that you are a success because your failure leads you to look beyond the world identity and expectation. You would never look if you are a success every time. Your site does not represent you or your success. You are a success just by being you. No one can do what you do. Although the corporate world seems to constantly peach to their employees that everyone is replaceable. This is simply not true. No one is replaceable. In fact, it looks as if replacing people is not loss to an organization but successful companies do not replace their employees easily. They treat their employees with dignity and respect which means they promote their employees and honor their working relationships by giving opportunities for them to grow within or outside the organization. Why is the U.S. failing now and all the capitalist thoughts are bringing doom to corporations because U.S.’s ruthless actions against humanity are finally catching up to them. Asia is less affected because traditions, respects and hard works instead of politics are still being valued to a certain extend. Great leader aren’t obsessed with power play to put down their subordinates, instead they treat everyone like they are future leaders themselves and this is called empowerment and it’s done on a daily basis. There is an old saying, “if you believe you can, you can” this is the first step as shifting your reality! Break it all down to the bottom line, only other humans (not your site or your money or your image etc) are your collective whole. When you tell them they are replaceable, you are telling yourself you are replaceable. When you mistreat them, you mistreat yourself, when you empower them, you empower yourself! I don’t know the real cause of hardwork =/= success but I am guessing that it’s not always about hardwork. Heavy workload/hardwork leads to restrictions which leads to mood downswing/buster which leads to imbalanced and ultimately, dissatisfaction. The corporate world is dominated by slave driving hardwork that creates and feeds on nasty collective conscious of its workers. That’s why there is no success at the worker level but just more work. Success is at the executive level where even the executives of failing companies like Ford and AIG are ensured of their annual bonus for their executives who I could assure you do much less work than the worker bees at the professional level or the labor level. They play as well as work because life is not about working too hard. Playing too hard is equivalent to working too hard. Any extremity is borderline obsessiveness so indulgence would tilt the balance scale. I am suspecting that the ones who work moderately and are balanced physically reap the most in the material world on a consistent basis. That is not to say they don’t work, they just do the best they can without abusing themselves and live every moment expecting to be treated like a leader. So perhaps tweaking “tiny nothing who deserves a lot more” to “big-shot someone just deserves a lot. Period” alter your immediate reality. I am rambling on just like you. 🙂


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