My sacrastic response to “Who Should Pay For Bridesmaids’ Expenses?”

Posted on: September 10, 2009

C2007517234851675869_Bride_Bridesmaid_Wedding_dresses_Gowns_Evening_dreI’ve decided that for the assurance of great happiness, peacefulness, tranquility and enjoyment of myself and my future husband. Only groomsmen who are men enough to be up there in integrity, spending and all around loving and generous seeking would be invited to the event. I would be a proud and confident bride walking down the aisle without any unnecessary negativity of any sort and kind in my life. Being without any negativity in any manner is utmost important than anything else, absolutely no question about this.
babysoft, I hope your husband has friends like this… and no drunken frat buddies! …
As those are bride’s attendants, they are men from the bride’s circle of friends who are honorable and respectable pillars of society. Perhaps some others don’t do background checks and drug and alcohol tests before letting them into the friend circle but these steps are a must for the big day as it is a perquisite for getting a simple job. I will hire those who absolutely love and emerse into obnoxious behavior and activities as escorts for the disqualified candidates as they are true match made in heaven.
Today I am inspire to respond again. I thought of something, the idea is from my contract negotiation class. I realize that everyone ultimately desire whether they are expressed explicitly or not, her very own wedding to go perfectly, if not, close to perfectly so they have something happy to share with their grandchildren or acquaintance when such topic is brought forth for discussion. Given that you can be a bridesmaid 100 or a million times and no girl wants to be a bride a 100 or a million times except for a selective few. The significance of the event is weighted heavier on the bride side than on the bridesmaid. However, no one wants last minutes issues or mishaps, whether they be accident or caused by uncontrollable circumstances. Therefore having a contract in place where the remedy is equivalent to the damage, punitive, psychological and consequential damage resulting from such event is appropriate. You don’t have to sign it if you want it, everyone has free will and no one should be subject to anything under duress. However, the screening process prior to contract initiation between both parties would involve a background check, information filled would be verified and compared against public and privately available information and one may declare their income level in order to qualify for grants and sponsorships. The bride and family may elect to sponsor or facilitate in the sponsorship of the bridesmaid. The emphasis is both parties must show their full commitment to the event such that the declaration of “I am 100% into this and would be willing to go above and beyond of what is necessary to ensure that this is a pleasant event. Shall circumstances beyond my control arise unexpectedly, I would endeavor to act in full diligence notwithstanding the severity of the unexpected circumstance. I love and care for my friend and would want to give my all to make certain both parties have a pleasant experience.” Nothing is a guarantee in life but that ought to motivate both individuals and other participants to attempt with their personal BEST!


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