The 11 forgotten laws that make LOA unstoppable

Posted on: September 7, 2009

The first of the 11 Forgotten Laws is The Law of Thinking. This law relates to your power of thought. Every single thing that you use started as a thought in the mind. We started out on this planet with nothing and now we have so many things that it’s hard to believe. All of these things from cell phones to your house were first formed in someone’s mind. This teaches you that you must start to form a clear picture in your mind of the things you want.

The Law of Supply teaches us that there is an unlimited supply. Regardless of how bad the news tells you everything is, there is plenty of everything to go around. Becoming aware of this abundance is critical to your success.

The Law of Attraction probably needs the least explanation of any of these laws with its emergence in the public eye. The idea that whatever you pay attention to is what you attract is behind this law.

The Law of Receiving deals with getting you ready to receive all of the things that you want. Regardless of how hard you try to succeed, if you’re not ready to receive it, you won’t get anywhere.

The Law of Increase deals with the ability that you have to grow. Every aspect of your life can get better. Even if you think it’s pretty good already, it can continue to increase.

The Law of Compensation goes back to the age old philosophy of “you get out what you put in”. You reap what you sow. These are all ways to say the same thing. Don’t expect to succeed if you don’t put any effort in.

The Law of Non-Resistance is one of the most overlooked laws and also the most powerful. Whatever you resist persists. This means that the things that you hate grow stronger in your life. This will teach you to simply ignore the things that you don’t like.

The Law of Forgiveness teaches you how to completely release painful things from the past. If you’re constantly rehashing everything from your past, you’ll have trouble going forward.

The Law of Sacrifice teaches you that in order to gain something you must make a choice. You aren’t necessarily losing something to get something, but you are giving of yourself to improve your circumstances.

The Law of Obedience teaches you that the laws will work with you if you obey them. If you live an undisciplined life, you probably won’t succeed.

The Law of Success combines all of the previous laws and teaches you that you can succeed. Anyone from any background can succeed. Regardless of how bad you’ve had it, there is so much good that you can still do.

These 11 Forgotten Laws will help to effectively change your life. Learn more about them and start improving your life today.


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