Love Story

Posted on: September 3, 2009

Christmas_Tree1Once upon a time, there was a heavenly island where many emotions resided. There were Love, Fun, Wealthy, Happiness and many other emotions. One day, a not so good news spread to the island. It was believed that the next earthquake would sink the island for good and all residents must evacuate for their safety. Everyone was scared. Many emotions decided that their lives were more important so they invested their all into building a boat for themselves. Once the boat was built, they each left the island at once. The only one who remained is Love. Love chose to stay because it cared for the island. Love did not want the island to be lonely so it stayed with the island until its final moment. The island was sinking in the final moments and Love realized that it too must leave or else its end would be near. Love spotted the boat of Wealthy and asked it for help. Wealthy replied, “I don’t have time for you. I need to devote my time to generate Wealth. You have not had a coin on you. How are you going to pay for this ride? Please don’t block my way to more Wealth.” Love then saw Vanity. Vanity had installed jewels on its boat exterior and was smiling to a mirror. Vanity had the most attractive face and figure in the world and it worked hard to ensure that it remained that way. Vanity told Love, “My boat is clean, tidy and beautiful. Look at you, you are covered in dirt and water. I can’t have you on my boat. My luxurious space needs to be dust free. I can see you will be a mess in my space!” Vanity gave Love a smirk and left. Love then stumbled upon Sadness. “Sadness”, Love asked, “Please do take me with you?” Sadness replied, “I am so sad. I enjoy indulging in my pool of blue emotions. I can’t make room for you on my boat.” Sadness said goodbye to Love with tears in its eyes. Next came Fun. Fun was drinking, partying and enjoying itself on its boat blasting with dance music, alcoholic beverages and mingling with other Fun buddies. Love asked Fun if it could join Fun. Fun was so disoriented that it could not even tell who that was and rejected Love straight away without stating why. The island was sinking fast and just as it was about to be completely swallowed by water, a deep voice said to Love. “Come fast, I will take you to safety!” Love was taken into the boat and moments later, Love arrived to its safety. Love was so pleased it had reached its safety that it had forgotten to ask who that was or which boat it was just on. Love searched for its hero but no one was around. Love went to Wisdom for advice because it had bothered Love not knowing who that was. Wisdom closed its eyes to ponder.  After a deep contemplation, Wisdom advised, “That was Time because only Time could witness the value of real Love.” “Time comes and goes as it waits for no one.”


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