Lots of Jobs are still available and the number is skyrocking everyday

Posted on: August 14, 2009

I realize that there are tons of jobs available with top notched companies.  I am going to land a job at one of the top notched companies no more small potato for me.  The efforts required to land a top notched position is actually the same as landing a position in a smaller firm. It’s a matter whether those new created jobs are what one considers “good” jobs – high pay with excellent perks and aggressive upward mobility.  If you go to Fortune 100 lists half of the company that are successful are now hiring and some are even expanding their human resources by 40%.  Research this gives you a totally different perspective than merely listening to all the grim talk of some people.   Seriously, now it’s a good time to get something good going.  I am going to keep this mentality to sustain success.  I rather to “positive” and “cheerful” and “happy” than being “right”  It’s like going into a completely full parking lot, I do not need a lot of empty spaces to show for and there is no need to convince anyone that is tons of open spots, all I need is that “one” spot for the car I am driving to park and that spot better be outside the shop with a cover.  That’s what I am aiming for.

I heard how sad someone sounded on the phone. I just want that person to know that being ultra positive and bright with glitters in the eye, will steer you into the right direction and I truly believe that everything, is going to be better, if at this moment, one would just maintain the positivity regardless the circumstances, only then would great things come forward to you.  Never ever convince yourself unworthiness.  Look up and don’t pay attention to anything that is not matching to your high objectives and expectations in life.


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