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My new SPP scrapbook


yhst-71145390381518_2059_55021061I totally dig this shirt.  Don’t we all.   It’s so cute and we all need MORE hugs in the world….

It reminds me of the free hugs that were given out in SF downtown.  I want more free hugs too from not necessarily from strangers who are insincere.

I got my shirt at Trendy Stars. Check them out.

I love simple pleasures in life and I find every little cute thing amazing and warm to my heart.

Cheer up, baby.


小さな子猫 has recently move to the island paradise. It’s so calm and peaceful there.  How I wish I could spend my next short vacation in Hawaii… I still believe dreams would come true. It would be an additional bonus to sunbath on the beach wearing the alluring one piece ruffle from Kenneth Cole swim edition complimented by the island kiss fragrance from Escada.  YEAH!!!

It’s alright.  It’s not anything that we’ve not seen or heard of before.   I am just a little taken by surprise of the fact that a guy who has treated other females as sex objects dared to say that he had fallen in love for the first time.   Love is such a heavy weighted emotion that I am afraid is way too overwhelming to a cheap thud.  Foot stops here an d I don’t have more comments to say about this person or those that are like him.   Now, I am returning to my santurary to cleanse of any disgusts incurred from associating with a low life being.     Later.


淫 照事件震驚全球,陳冠希( Edison)避走美國年多,最近現身香港,更先後接受 CNN電視台節目《 Talk Asia》及《東西雜誌》專訪,公開大談淫照事件。其中周三( 3日)晚 8時半在有線 74台播出,歷時 45分鐘的 CNN訪問, Edison表情多多,說話全無避忌。繼續在女星傷口上灑鹽。


Cartier Love 18K金手鈪$33,000  Levi’s Penom× Clot 505約$10,000  Comme des Garcons× Converse$980 諗頭多多的 Edison,中午 1時離開酒店,到鰂魚涌 CMD娛樂公司,當日他罕有對記者友善,更主動揮手打招呼。


6月 1日密會超儀  4時許,賭王千金何超儀到 CMD會合 Edison,相信是談合作,兩人開會至 7時許,超儀才離開。




Edison穿上筆挺西裝接受 CNN訪問。

當日上午 11時許, Edison赤裸上身,在下榻的 W酒店泳池曬太陽,軟攤在沙灘椅上。

淫照事件發生後,陳冠希( Edison)曾公開道歉,更揚言「無限期退出香港娛樂圈」,退出宣言言猶在耳,近日他卻動作多多,密謀復出。
上周三 ( 5月 27日),他突然隻身返港,為復出鋪路。據知自從淫照事件後,其演藝事業近乎零,與經理人公司紅館亦面臨決裂,加上潮服生意一落千丈,富貴老竇陳澤民亦被 逼破產,四面楚歌下,他惟有自謀復出路。日前,他接受 CNN《 Talk Asia》訪問,大談淫照事件,再次擺淫照女星上枱。惹來全城反感,抨擊他藉踐踏着別人的傷痛造勢復出,出爾反爾,無齒兼無耻。

CNN訪問再傷淫照女星 陳冠希賤招復出 辣全城

***No comments defending this fucking guy will be approved for posting here****  If you want to defend this fucking jerk with your twisted logic, then find your own fucking logical place.  I am targeting this fucking guy and no one else.  His sins besides love are as follows:

1) severe the trusts the individuals involved has instilled in him.

2) obsess with photos over 1,300 with more than 14 female artists.

3) Never apologize personally to the individuals he perpetrated.  (I totally trust Ah Gill and Pak G that he never fucking  apologize to them both and others)


3月 5日,鍾欣桐接受《志雲飯局》訪問,當中解釋拍淫照是不想失去 Edison,更怨事件發生後,他不道歉不解釋。她含淚說︰「唔可以講憎唔憎恨,只覺得點解唔打來道歉呢?或者點解唔解釋件事俾我聽呢?」


2 月 24日,陳冠希於加拿大淫照案作供完成聆訊後,首度開腔:「我希望每一位受害者都能夠站起來,呢啲比我自己會唔會出現在香港更重要……」言論傳出後兩天( 26日),張栢芝主動聯絡有線電視接受訪問,聲淚俱下狂數陳冠希:「我企出嚟係因為今日受夠了,唔係陳冠希所講,佢哋班女受害人受夠,係我受夠你!」她更 力斥 Edison貓哭老鼠,擘大眼講大話:「一年前,佢開記招話盡一切能力保護女受害人,佢冇做到……啲相喺網上繼續流傳,佢冇用任何方法去制止……」

4) Use all sort of excuses to alleviate  himself including tainting the name of true love.

5) Declare leaving the HK entertainment industry “indefinitely” and returns in no time.

6) His fucking FACE is just purely disgusting.  No logic needs to justify that.  My PERSONAL preference.


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