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If the guy is my boyfriend engaged to be married or he’s already my husband.
I will fight to choose who the other partner is.   That partner who will be chosen would have the following characteristics:
MOST awful, pathetic, ugly, dirty little c_ _t with STD showing,
fattest, with the worst breast argumentation,
maybe a transvertite with lots of anal hair showing.
So when she is nude, he could NOT get it up during the event.  
That way, he will be deterred of EVER having this idea, ever again, to me or to another woman.  Not just to me, doing it to another woman is a disgrace to the human race.
It’s important in a committed relationship to be “faithful” to your partner and “loyal” to your family.  What kind of fatherly role model is this?  Can you imagine what kind of damage this would have done to the image of any government official or CEO of a large corporation if it was ever find out?  Today, paparazzi are very sharp and can get lots of information out onto the press.  Can you imagine one day you waste all your potential for an excellent career with the government or a very highly paying and respectful position in a publicly traded company just for an experience that last no longer than 1 hour and it is NOT even worth all that it is being praised for?  We are talking about losing your reputation, money and fame for something that does not even worth as much.  I’ve already put aside all the religious view against such a practice.  Even if countries or culture where  heterogamy is observed, you don’t have sexual activities with all the partners at the same time.  Even as primitive as those men, they know how to respect the woman they LOVED so very dearly.

Having another person involved in such an intimate setting is a mood killer because it is disengaging, disrespectful, demeaning, humiliating, the worst betrayal ever!!!!!!!!!
Although SEX is very important and there is NO denial that it is VERY important, I rather run the risk of making him impotent than to have to bear a loveless and disrespectful mate in a serious, committed relationship.

Additionally, as stated by other men above, it’s not as fun as it sounds.  If you truly care deeply of the woman in the relationship, you would NOT even open your mouth.  You will do everything possible in your power to PROTECT her, CARE for her and HELP her.

Research also shows lots of marital and emotional problems (men are also affected) arise from engaging in 3Ps.  If it’s with the wife or a committed girlfriend, the “trust” or the lack of “trust” issue has been a primary cause of concern, 6 mo. after the event, many marriages and committed relationship fall apart and the men involved often regret losing such a wonderful family or girlfriend for a fantasy does not even played out half as well as in their dreams.  The woman after the event often tend NOT be able again to trust the man in the future.  The logic is simple – if you can do all those things in FRONT of your girlfriend/wife when she is present, can one imagine WHAT you won’t do when you are behind her.  Just the thought is enough to destroy any committed relationship you don’t even have to actually perform all the deeds behind her.

Bottomline is “Absolutely NOT”, unless it is not a relationship worth pursuing. But why would you want to be in a relationship if it is not worth pursuing?


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