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People, I don’t feel apologetic that I see myself becoming an island owner of “the World.”

At the very least, I would insist on vacating Dubai and staying in that iconic Burj Al Arab at least several times in this lifetime.  People in general are always so upset at every little thing (from online discussion to stupid games and such….) I guess that is what is happening to most in this economy so it is in some ways “normal”.  I just don’t get it.  My attitude is spend all your money and don’t worry about where life takes you.  Life will take care of itself.   Remember that even little swallow is well fed and taken care of.  When you are in a “good” mood, “good” things will flourish and your problems will eventually melt away.   There is always more than “one” solution to a problem even when you are being confronted with something that is seemingly unresolvable now.   Today was a fun day.  As I was buying coffee at the Starbucks, they were offering samplers to a nice gentleman in front of me.   He asked the server if the drinks were leftover from the day before.  I could not help but giggled really hard.  He turned around and asked me if I want one of the samplers.  I said “sure” and I knew all this time, he was 1) suspicious about whether the drinks were leftover and wanted me to be a lab rat, 2) he wanted the more fancier kind even when he was nice enough to ask me to choose first and 3) he is concerned about his sugar level so he was a bit more reserved on taking that small sampler.   I chose the plain choice because I know it would make him happy having the other choice.  He kept commenting on “how he’s old and shouldn’t have too much sugar” that was funny because he told me “the java frappuccino” was really good.  I can see that he was very happy from his genuine smile.   I also feel “happy” knowing that I’ve given someone something nice for the day and swept away all that worry and suspicions.  See, small gestures could really brighten someone’s day as well as yours.

Be happy and look forward to a brighter day.   Tomorrow will be more delightful for you, I promise. 😉

I will always support you, Cheung Pak Chi!!!

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