Thoughts on “Sugar Babying”

Posted on: February 24, 2009

Recently, things happened at a forum that I frequent.  I was attacked with very rude comments with regards to my position of respecting and allowing “sugar babying” to thrive in our society and maybe even supporting the individual if s/he happens to be my friend.  So in response to all the attack, I replied as follows:

Logic is logic, all inferences, no emotional attachment to the concluding statements. What I am trying to get at instead is the bigger picture here. Nonetheless, if you would like to evaluate my writing technique, personalities and the lack thereof, feel free to it. But I would even be more appreciative if you are directing your comments to the topic and most importantly to the core of my arguments as well as the aforementioned logic used to derive my questions.

Ultimately we all have faculties capable to make personal decisions in our lives and whether those decisions jive with each other’s standards and expectations is a non-issue. The issue is your ability to keep an open mind such that your love and kindness can flow through you to those who you consider as different than you. You do not have to agree with them or even like them but two people have an opinion can passionately discuss their ideas openly without one person intending to change the other person’s opinion through coercion, insults or other insensitive/critical deeds. I am most certainly guilty of the traits because I too am human and we all want to believe that our thoughts breed better approaches to a matter. However, the reason for embracing different types of people, different attitudes to the same matter, and different life styles and choices in a society is what makes this world beautiful. If a mono-cultural society is not one interesting enough to maintain, why would we strive to achieve a mono-thinking society, even a small one on here?

Afterall, perhaps there ought to be a “s” after “logic” for pluralities is one of the “twelve pure concepts of the understanding” (as proposed by Kant in his Critique of Pure Reason). Hopefully, with more willingness and understanding, we are able to see different sides of a matter.

‘Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers is a book that I would recommend to you. The story is about the struggles of a girl who was a prostitute, even after marriage to a highly spiritual and dignified man, still voluntarily returned to her old trade. But both the man and god spend a lifetime to remove fear and hurt from her and replace them with love.

Maybe not to the degree of prostituting yourself, but have you or anyone close to you fallen from grace? If so, do you think that condemning the person is a healthy way to bring good to our society? To the law, there are variance in the degree of punishment to distinguish the severity of a crime. To me, a sin is a sin, whether you prostitute yourself or tell a lie. But I would still want to love the person even though it is not something that is easy to do. Before then, I would avoid judging or discriminating because of their personal choices and I would still want to respect the person even when their values are vastly in opposition to mine.


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