Kitty Phones, my Faulty Logics and that Irresistible Urge to Strike Again

Posted on: February 19, 2009

nokia-eseries-hello-kitty-phones-alasRecently, I’ve been eye-ing that kitty cell phone and something in me wants to order from Japan again. Yes, I know. It’s another *HUGE* economical cost (stock fees+S/h+ new memory, sound cards et al… ) in exchange for un-necessities in an unstable time, let alone the other 100 logical factors why this is a BAD idea. The most shameful one out of all is I suddenly am in competition with my 12-yr old neighbor who wants that phone. How could I ever allow myself to get down to that level of nativity (or greed) and attempting to fight that candy from the little soul. Candies are supposed to be reserved for little souls, ain’t for older fellows, when am I ever going to get this? Nonetheless, we humans only really need ONE motivation to initiate actions. Here is my forethought.’ If we only live for necessities, aren’t we giving up our privilege and capacity to be a human being?’ (okay, I will spare you my five other ‘faulty’ logic – I’ve been reading that “Critique of Pure Reason” translated text again and obviously WAY too much, sigh. Me and my ‘1781’ thinking ). They say a picture is worth a thousand words… now, let’s take a look at some pictures.



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