Why some women wanna XXXX me? Secret revealed. My “SLUTful” Thinking

Posted on: February 5, 2009


This blog entry is not for women or minors. Consider yourself warned. Read it at your own risk. **************************************

I lust after other women’s husband.  I could easily reach orgasm knowing that I am f…king other women’s man.  If you don’t have any previous success with me, you are still in the running if you go and marry another woman, any tasteful woman, and I would love to give you the best sex you have ever had in your life.  I just crave that little bit of stolen love from the woman you marry.

Guys who share their feelings with me, being too romantic and passionate send chills down my spine.  I avoid them like mouse to cat.  Please, I beg you, don’t ask me about my day.  Don’t try to get to know me.  Treat me like a toy, use me for your relief.  That would make me feel so much better – like a breath of fresh air.  I am at your service and I skill in sucking, blowing, licking, kissing, f..cking, massaging and anything else that pleases you, golden shower on my face, I would welcome yours  with a “sweet” smile.  Threesome with another girl – I enjoy it as much as you do.   Please slap my face and bite my neck in the wild, on the beach. I like the marks you leave me.  I crave the “high” you send me.  I like beats in a doggie style.  Candles, whip cream, ice cubes, mint and tomato juices are only some of my favorites.  The forbidden fruit which you can’t take is my hymen.  That is NOT for you.

One more thing…I am “highly” selective in my partner.  In order to receive this elite treatment, you will need to fit a certain criteria for me to even begin entertaining in this direction.   Beyond that you will need to impress me.  I have seen many things. I also like many things and you will need to give up one thing in exchange for my consent.  Something important to you that I need.  No bargains.  It is either at my own terms or no consent to you.
Please also provide a copy of your AIDS and STD test results and disease free certification.
P.S. – Now I beg you, stop thinking of me in those terms.  This blog entry is for entertainment purpose only.   I am neither soliciting nor attempting to arouse you in any way.  I am merely expressing my inner thoughts. 



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