Valentine’s Day (Part I)

Posted on: January 30, 2009


  • Valentine’s day is a day when your secret admirer expresses “likeness” in you.
  • Valentine’s day is a day that celebrates the wonders of being a valentine to one another.
  • Valentine’s day is the best day to get married for you demonstrate that you would always remember your beloved along with millions of others even when your love may or may not last.
  • Valentine’s day is a day to reflect on the overly indulgent love that you’ve been receiving all years along from your beloved.
  • Valentine’s day is a day to be gratuitous about being a woman and to be so “privilege” to have  received and be in love with yours forever.
  • Valentine’s day is a day you thank god or a higher being of your preference for sending your beloved to you and for having the most precious and romantic memories which no one could steal, once they are experienced by you.
  • Valentine’s day is a day where our souls merge together till it feels like we are “one”, even it was a mere mental merge for the best orgasm of any kind occurs in the mind, when yours meets mine.
  • Valentine’s day is a day to renew your vows to self:
  1. You strongly believe in “everlasting” love under all circumstances and regardless of any life happenings.
  2. love lasts till death brings us apart and even at the moment you meet death, you swear you would be a “pair” with your beloved, in heaven, in hell or for the many generations to come, rich or poor, healthy or handicapped, male or female, smooth sailing or through difficulties.
  • Valentine’s day is a day where you will hold hands and offer your love in its entirety for your beloved. 
    Everything else in this world is meaningful unless there is a “WE”

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