My lunar new year resolution

Posted on: January 27, 2009


This is something that I am quite excited about.  I recently discover that I still have my hymen.  I thought they were gone a while back but no, they were there the whole time.  (By the way, many women/girls don’t know how they even look like or that they are there, to help you better understand your own body, I would recommend these  two articles for you).  In light of my recent discovery, I have made a decision that I would endeavor to protect them as well as save myself for marriage.  This implies that I have made up my mind not to be intimate with a male before marriage.  This does not mean that I would stop satisfying my desires nor is this decision done for religious reason (check out YouTube’s “saving my hymen for Jesus“).  This is not done to serve anyone but for myself. I feel somehow I have saved my virtue and it feels liberated to think that I still have control over something that many just causally thrown away.  It makes me feel “good” to know that my decision truly represents the individual that I am.    I don’t care if others label me “old fashion”, “mock me for being an old maiden” or claim that “I don’t love them enough and often enough because I don’t offer myself completely to the other person”.  Well, to that, I say, “I love and appreciate myself. I love myself enough to respect my body and care for a precious extension of my body that I hold so very dearly.”

I hope my future husband would appreciate my decision.  If not, he is not worthy of my love.

New York Times Is Wrong about the Hymen--But
They Are Not Alone by Paul Joannides, Psy.D. on June 11, 2008 in As You Like It
Center for Young Woman's Health: Type of Hymen

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