My new SuperPoke! Pet

Posted on: January 6, 2009


小さな子猫 is the name of my new SuperPoke! Pet.  He is very cute.  Some people feel that it is silly to owe a virtual pet.  I think otherwise.  If you are so busy with your work schedule and personal obligations that you could  not afford quality time with your pets, you owe it to the pet to

not have them in your household.   Let them have their opportunities with other animal lovers who have ample free time to spend caretaking them.   Virtual pets on the other hand are

virtual animals that are made to amuse human electronically.  If you are careless in your care taking skills, they will sure not survive but you will save yourself lots of grieves from causing the demise of another being.



On the other hand, virtual life is seemingly becoming more of an integral part of human life.  If there could be virtual death caused in virtual life such as in Second Life, would karma finally catch up with us where there will be animal advocat

e for the virtual pets and their demise would cause us something?  Would the day when the consequence of causing the demise of a virtual pet be as serious as causing the demise of a real life pet ever come?  I hope not.  I am not ready for that yet.  Are you?


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