Zhang ZiYi on Beach

Posted on: January 5, 2009

More of her pics can be found on China Smack.

She is so FLAT beyond believability!!


I am so sorry, everyone, please visit China Smack for her photos.  There are 81 pieces in total.  I have removed most of the photos except one from this space to compile with WordPress’ T&Cs.  I am so sorry for your inconvenience. 😦


My afterthought of this event is that Ms. Zhang has always proud  to be called an international superstar and to fit into the profile of a true super stella mega star, she needs to be photographed in partial nude in a non-traditional sense (such as accidentally being photographed by Paparazzi while sun bathing) in order to be qaulified for the grande title.  It’s too indecent (*cheap* in chinese sense) to be photographed nude in a magazine and it is too insincere nowadays to claim that she wants to sacrifice her body for the arts.  Therefore, this is the best way to prove her value to Hollywood and various entertainment industries (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China) in Asia.   We have not heard of Ms. Zhang in the entertainment news lately, this is one way for her and her manager to create some noise given that she insists on staying in this industry even after marriage.  Having constant noise is one way to keep her in fame.


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I am so sorry everyone. Please visit China Smack instead for Zhang, Ziyi’s photos. I have removed all but one previously posted pics to abide by WordPress’ terms and conditions. Thanks for your understanding and I apologize for your inconvenience.

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