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  • Valentine’s day is a day when your secret admirer expresses “likeness” in you.
  • Valentine’s day is a day that celebrates the wonders of being a valentine to one another.
  • Valentine’s day is the best day to get married for you demonstrate that you would always remember your beloved along with millions of others even when your love may or may not last.
  • Valentine’s day is a day to reflect on the overly indulgent love that you’ve been receiving all years along from your beloved.
  • Valentine’s day is a day to be gratuitous about being a woman and to be so “privilege” to have  received and be in love with yours forever.
  • Valentine’s day is a day you thank god or a higher being of your preference for sending your beloved to you and for having the most precious and romantic memories which no one could steal, once they are experienced by you.
  • Valentine’s day is a day where our souls merge together till it feels like we are “one”, even it was a mere mental merge for the best orgasm of any kind occurs in the mind, when yours meets mine.
  • Valentine’s day is a day to renew your vows to self:
  1. You strongly believe in “everlasting” love under all circumstances and regardless of any life happenings.
  2. love lasts till death brings us apart and even at the moment you meet death, you swear you would be a “pair” with your beloved, in heaven, in hell or for the many generations to come, rich or poor, healthy or handicapped, male or female, smooth sailing or through difficulties.
  • Valentine’s day is a day where you will hold hands and offer your love in its entirety for your beloved. 
    Everything else in this world is meaningful unless there is a “WE”


This is something that I am quite excited about.  I recently discover that I still have my hymen.  I thought they were gone a while back but no, they were there the whole time.  (By the way, many women/girls don’t know how they even look like or that they are there, to help you better understand your own body, I would recommend these  two articles for you).  In light of my recent discovery, I have made a decision that I would endeavor to protect them as well as save myself for marriage.  This implies that I have made up my mind not to be intimate with a male before marriage.  This does not mean that I would stop satisfying my desires nor is this decision done for religious reason (check out YouTube’s “saving my hymen for Jesus“).  This is not done to serve anyone but for myself. I feel somehow I have saved my virtue and it feels liberated to think that I still have control over something that many just causally thrown away.  It makes me feel “good” to know that my decision truly represents the individual that I am.    I don’t care if others label me “old fashion”, “mock me for being an old maiden” or claim that “I don’t love them enough and often enough because I don’t offer myself completely to the other person”.  Well, to that, I say, “I love and appreciate myself. I love myself enough to respect my body and care for a precious extension of my body that I hold so very dearly.”

I hope my future husband would appreciate my decision.  If not, he is not worthy of my love.

New York Times Is Wrong about the Hymen--But
They Are Not Alone by Paul Joannides, Psy.D. on June 11, 2008 in As You Like It
Center for Young Woman's Health: Type of Hymen






I am a Scorpio and Sagittarius cusp with a Gemini rising.  According to zoom zoom (Mazda), I am supposedly interested in a silver or white vehicle.  Personally I like my car in RED and my dream car is likely to be in either Metallic Black or Dark Metallic Burgundy.   My car has always been RED and it’s been that way since high school.  The only one time that was an exception was when I bought a car in PEARL WHITE because personalizing the car from the manufacturer would have taken too long and would not have been economical sound, which I re-painted to RED, whether it is as the rumor says the Candy Apply RED or the Ferrari RED, I will leave this to your imagination.  🙂

I also love to speed. (I have driven to 110 m/h on the freeway)  I speed whenever I can and I drive so recklessly I would scare the old lady driving next to me.  But in contrary to the popular belief that a red car is a target of the cops, I have not been in much trouble thankfully.   I guess I really like that feeling.   I am not a guy but I could venture to understand that feeling.  That guys would spend all their life, years of hard work and a successful career to obtain their dream car, whatever that maybe.   But isn’t that kind of similar to women wanting that orgasmic feeling, having a wide selection of fuck buddies and sinking deep into the pleasures.   Fact is it is just a few seconds of joy, is it really worth it?  Modern men and women seek instant gratification so of course it is worth it because we want things fast, who would want to wait and spend all their time courting?  But aren’t long term committed relationship that last a lifetime worthy of your time?  You know, the way relationships were in your grandfather’s day where a woman would wait for years for the return of her husband after WWII?

Recently I come across an article that talks about wealthy men and their ability to give orgasm to women.  The study alleges that the wealthier the men in China, the higher their ability to give women orgasm.   I don’t know how reliable the alleged claim is but has the research considered the fact that China has a long tradition of suppressing women from enjoying sexual pleasures and with the exception of big cities, women exist solely for prolonging the family line?  Of course, times have changed and things aren’t the way there were in the past.  But how many such studies were conducted previous to this one?  The finding would have been more reliable if a study was done offsetting the influence from 1) the psychological factor of  faking orgasm to ensure your quality of life, 2) open discussions of sexual preferences are encouraged and widely accepted for women in China as times have changed.   The list can go on and to name here are just two considerations.

My point is, is this study really a representation of an inflated sense of male ego to think that with more money, you are able to better satisfy women? (Let me guess, this study is conducted and published by a male psychologists)  Is that why men are career driven?  Of course, it is undeniable that with more money, you would spend less time working on manual tasks so more leisure time can be freed up to do what you please.  However, the pressure that comes with the reduction of manual tasks could not be offset by the increase of mental tasks.  As such, could the pressure increase be undermining your ability to give enjoyable sex?  Perhaps women are the only ones who feel this way.  Most men (for the remaining few, Viagra would eliminate all your worries) could probably enjoy sex as a stand alone pleasure and not be affected by other things, not emotions, not pressure, not attachment, nothing.    Women are becoming more like men nowadays and that is why they have their own career, own house, own investments, her own list of boy toys and so on.

One thing that was neglected in all of these is perhaps, maybe, that slim chance, all she wanted was not orgasmic feelings but a deep soulful connection.

Diamonds and Rubies (mp3) is an awesome blue vocal (circa 1901).  Singer unknown.  The lyrics are:


Diamonds and rubies,

emeralds and pearls,

transit for capital,

you are edgy investments, these are my best friends.

flower are fine and the wine is divine,

so is the penthouse in Rome,

capital assets are better than romance,

if you want to take me,

you want to take me,

if you want to take me home….

After listening to this song, I suddenly really enjoy listening to vocal blues.  You may also enjoy Chris Kenny’s songs if you like jazz music.

It takes you a way from a hectic day of work.  🙂

BTW,  a lamborghini is almost just as much of a good friend as diamonds and rubies

The entertainment blog at ykedwin is really cool.  It has many free movies including 珠光寶氣 and TVB series.  Check it out! 🙂


Recently I read an advice column about losing your virginity at an older age, say 28 years old.  In the column, the girl was described as someone who has adhered to a strict religion’s doctrine and as the result, has never had intercourse in her life.  Now that she has broken free from shackles of that religion, she wants to start a intimate relationship for the first time at age 28.  Her question to the columnist was how to lose her virginity at age 28.

I am not sure why a girl would need to ask that question, in my mind, unless you have very obvious physical deformities or an awful appearance, otherwise, a girl shouldn’t have any problem losing her virginity.  The easiest way, as advised by the columnist is to get wasted and ask any horny guy in a club if he wants to sleep with you.   To me, the issue is not how to lose your virginity, it is who you want to lose your virginity to… and under what circumstances…

Do you regret you have lost your virginity?  Or do you feel that you have not lost it FAST/EARLY enough….

I guess gender difference does play a role in answering this question.  To guys, many would be desperate enough to lose it to even a call girl if they aren’t that attractive.  That’s not to say that they don’t respect their virginity but more so that their virginity has no value whatsoever to society.  Society has placed little to no value on their pureness.  If you don’t believe, you can go do this little exercise. Inquire men of any culture, the answer would be the same and they would have agreed with me except for those adhering to the doctrines of any strict religion such as the girl in this story. Bottomline is it does not matter if a guy is a virgin or not.  In fact, it would have been problematic if the guy is still a virgin after marriage.  Because it implies that he either cannot perform or the girl has physical/emotional issues that are of concern.

I remember watching “The Virgin Suicides” years ago.  It’s been a while and I don’t remember the exact details.  What I remember was that a girl who lives in a home under strict religious doctrine, had lost her virginity in the school field and did not go home till the next morning.  I don’t think the movie should be named “Virgin Suicides”, rather, it should be named “Suicides of Four Virgins and a Vixen”   You must be surprised that I come up with such a title.  But our society is a very strange place.  If I am virgin and ask a random guy to help me lose my virginity then I would be described as a girl who has been taken advantage of.  Why couldn’t a society treat me as a girl who has taken advantage of a guy?  Just because I am a virgin, that does not mean that I am naive and does not know what I want.

~Being a vixen and a vixen are not mutually exclusive.  Neither is being a virgin an unnecessary condition for a vixen.~

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