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Platonic Sex (a novel and a movie of the same title based on her biography) is how I come to know Japan’s beautiful talk show host, the late Ai Iijima.   Many of her fans were saddened in the beginning of this year by her decision to retire from Japan’s entertainment industry.    I on the other hand, am saddened by the fall of a bright star on the Eve of Christmas (see The Japan Times Online).

Christmas Eve (the anticipation of Christmas) has traditionally been a time of  agony for me.  Putting aside the debate on virgin birth, the intend of Christmas (Christ+Mass) is for the celebration of the birth of a savior but reality often removes one from the day’s intended purpose. Many years ago, the day was marked by the rise of a star, one that lead the wise men to the stable where the Messiah was.

This year the day was tainted by the fall of a star.  Her words lead me to dive into the alternative meaning of “platonic sex”  If  “platonic love” refers to the deep spiritual bond between two lovers in the absence of sexual intimacy,  “platonic sex” could mean passionate love makings that enable the achievement of a deep emotional connection with the other.    If you can choose between “platonic love” and “platonic sex”, which would you choose?

Some would choose to avoid “platonic sex” at any cost.  It is not because the state is beyond one’s reach, it is more so that such avoidance enables the person to remain in his comfort zone.  The possible mental anguish resulted from achieving the state is caused by permitting uneasiness and unknowns into the person.  Though the soul feels less energized when sex is treated as an end to a need, the psyche feels safer and the body more relaxed.   Any other derivations from this face value is too much for the soul to handle.  So the natural alternative is “platonic love” for the longing and the anticipation, though intense, is easier on the heart for many.

If deep emotional connection really is that damaging to the person, then why do we still dream?


Please do NOT waste your hard earned $$$ on this book. Just hire me and I will complete all prior research and legwork (food tasting, food selection and cost estimation) for you.  I am not convinced that the Michelin folks know the ins and outs of HK cafe and restaurant when they don’t even include” Nine Kee Beef Brisket 九記牛腩” and “Chung Kee Dessert 松記糖水” in the publication.  I missed Nine Kee b/c their GM (owners’ son) was in surgery when I was there to visit.  The secret indigence in the beef stew is only passed down from fathers to sons within the family.   “Lung King Heen 龍景軒” of the Four Seasons Hong Kong offers spectacular sea views and expensive Cantonese food made by the award winning chefs but in no way could this restaurant possibly be rated “3 stars”  I am sorry to say that the food is made for foreigners and I don’t find them that amazing to me.  Perhaps the guide is designed for other admirers.

Hard to predict events in life. I say “good for them!”

【on.cc專訊】 早前因偷食事件受千夫所指的倪震,與周慧敏同時發聲明分手,不過事情峰迴路轉,有戲劇性發展,據說,倪震向周慧敏求婚,而周慧敏亦一口答應,求婚成功的倪震,正籌婚事,並於稍後正式宣布婚訊。
【on.cc專訊】 倪震向傳媒發出電郵,證實與周慧敏的婚事,倪震的電郵以「囍final」為文件名稱,全文為:

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All I want for Christmas is You

TOKYO New York Bar

In Lost in Translation (2003), the signature cocktail at the Tokyo NY bar is the LIT ($16 USD): sake-based, cherry-blossom-liqueur-laced.  New York Bar (00 81 3 5323 3458, ) is located on 52 floors above the tutti-frutti neon of downtown Shinjuku.

Native New Yorkers say it’s “more Manhattan than Manhattan!”

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