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Do read Benedict Carey’s article, “Unhappy? Self-Critical? Maybe

You’re Just a Perfectionist”

Self-Critical is quite an *ironic* word.  If a person who is in their mid-30s aggressively pursuing career and relationship goals and constantly reevaluate one’s path to determine if s/he is on target and does so every day, would you consider that individual too “self-critical?”  If s/he doesn’t reflect on the self daily, would you label that person a “procrastinator” or being “ultra passive” or “conservative”? (whichever description you prefer.)   I think my personality fits more into the “self-critical” label if we must label everything in life.   But what is so wrong with being self critical if you still able to maintain hope and aspiration and know that you will have peace in all that  you do.  Being self critical is more problematic when you don’t appreciate yourself and stressed out to a point of suffering burnouts .  I see the trait, “self critical” as being industrious, self-aware and reformative.

The author points out that being a perfectionist and unhappy are sometimes correlated.  Although one trait may lead to another but I tend to want to believe that being a perfectionist is a method of escape for some and not necessary about obsessiveness.  Sometimes, when you focus on making everything “nice and neat” is the only way that you realize and be constantly reminded of yourown self worth and your ability in excel in that specific subject matter.  This is especially true in this economy where you hear negative news and feel negative vibes everywhere you travel.  We all need boosters in knowing that we can do many things and do them better than your competitions.  That is not to say that you are the best of all people but simply expressing a form of appreciation of your unique skill sets and ability in carrying out a task that fits your talent package.  I am learning to be not be an extreme perfectionist but I do find that bearing that trait has helped me tremendously in what I do in life.   Just my 2-cent.


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