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Posted on: March 8, 2006

Excerpt from "Manifesting Your Beloved" by Takara

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you had the relationship you always dreamed of. For eons you’ve searched for that special someone. What if that person really exists? What if you lived and loved with them on a daily basis?

My Beloved (also known as Twin Flame, Soul Mate, Soul Partner) and I recently celebrated our seventh anniversary. After seven years of being in the relationship that everyone on the planet seems to be looking for, I feel I’m qualified to explain it and assist others in achieving it.

So what is it? How is it different? And how can you experience it for yourself?

Drawing from my own experience, from what I’ve read about Twin Flame relationships, and from what I’ve observed and discussed with others involved in this very special relationship arrangement, I’ve discovered the following:

I’ll explain it by defining what it is not.

IT IS NOT a relationship designed to mirror your beliefs. All other relationships have that as their primary purpose. Your relationship with your parents let you learn about your relationship with God. The painful experiences you had as a child caused you to create beliefs about how life is and how people are. These beliefs are false or limiting. You are the grand creator of your life and whatever you believe becomes your reality. So you draw to yourself all sorts of relationships that prove to you that your beliefs are correct, even if you don’t remember that you hold those beliefs. We’ll save that topic for another time.

Every person I’ve ever heard of who has successfully manifested their Beloved Relationship has as their primary commitment their own personal and spiritual growth. This relationship assists in that process. True Soul Partners are never “processing” at the same time. When one person is facing their shadow (limiting beliefs, fears, and judgments), the other partner is always perfectly centered and in balance. The Beloved, or Soul Partner, holds an energetic space in which you can do your own healing. They hold this space without judgment and without trying to “fix” you. In fact, in many cases, the Partner sees or knows exactly what issue you are facing. It’s very obvious to them for many reasons. But their intuitive guidance is to say nothing. So they do not. This requires spiritual maturity since the human tendency is to try to assist others and make them feel better.

IT IS NOT a relationship that zaps your energy or requires struggle. All other relationships can become somewhat of an energetic battleground. One person feels energized while the other feels drained. Many relationships require a great deal of effort.

IT IS NOT a relationship that requires you to pretend to be something you are not or hide from your partner anything about yourself. For the first time in your life you get to actually be “real” whatever that means for you in the moment. So many people act one way with their friends and another with their partners. They never discuss certain topics because they feel they will be judged, be misunderstood, or the topic will cause uncertainty or even jealousy.

Your Beloved, or Soul Partner, is your best friend and your greatest confidant. You greatly enjoy each other’s company.

IT IS NOT a relationship based on mistrust. In fact the day my Beloved, Raven, and I got married I asked, “What will this relationship require of me?” and I pulled a dolphin card. It said “Radical Trust.” I had to laugh because that had been required of me since the day we first met.

It differs greatly from other relationships in numerous additional ways. A very noticeable difference is the number of people outside the relationship who make comments about how beautiful the relationship is. An amazing number of people tell us what a joy it is to observe the two of us interacting with each other and with our son. It’s obviously not something they see everyday.

The energy of it is also very different. It is truly a merging into oneness that continues even when we are apart. We often communicate telepathically. I have an idea about what would be wonderful for dinner. When Raven arrives home from work, that idea I had is exactly what he picked up when he was in town.

We had only been living together for about a month when we attended a workshop. The presenter, Kat Cunningham, sees the animal totems that you work with in your energy field. She looked at us in a strange way and asked if we were in partnership. When we replied yes, she laughed and said I see a wolf on one side and a coyote on the other and they keep jumping back and forth between the two of you.

I was having a portrait done by a wonderful woman who creates what she calls Soul Portraits. She draws an image of who you are at the core. The colors and images are very beautiful. I couldn’t go in person so I sent a picture. The only recent picture I had was of the three of us: my husband, my son, and myself. When we received the portrait back there was a note attached that said something like, “I could not distinguish one person’s energy from the other. You are completely blended. So this image is what is created by the three of you.” The image is a beautiful wave with turquoise and magenta and sparkles everywhere. The caption says “For Beloved Takara, Raven, and Jesse: There is great and mighty depth in your healing work, as the ocean energy surrounds you . . . however, all is firmly grounded and blended beautifully and with pure Spirit.” – Barbara Besser

Some people have misunderstood the concept of Twin Flame. They think the person will be exactly like they are – like twins. Your Beloved is your twin, just not in the way you would expect. He or she is your energetic twin. Your personalities and your interests may be quite different. My Beloved and I are exact opposites astrologically. I am Pisces. Raven is Virgo. We find humor in the differences such as I make piles and he likes a clean work surface. We also greatly appreciate the strong points offered by the other. He is good at the things I am not and vice versa. We compliment each other well in that way.

Having a relationship like this as part of your own experience requires that you focus on your desire to have it. And it requires that you heal any limiting beliefs, fears, and judgments that are preventing it.


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