Statement that gained acceptance to Georgetown Law School

Posted on: January 26, 2006

Essay Category: Why the Degree?

Essay Question: Personal statement of 500 words

"As pertaining to the custody of the children," the judge continued,
"the court has decided that it would be in the children’s best
interests if full custody were henceforth awarded to the mother."

My mother then uttered a long sigh of relief. Although I was only
eight years old, I knew that I had just witnessed a life-changing
decision. My parents had officially obtained a divorce. I had undergone
a month of attorneys’ interviews, courtroom drama and private
dissertations in the judge’s chambers, so I then knew why my mother had
sighed. My father’s lawyer (or, as I referred
to him, the angry loud man) had by far overshadowed my mother’s more
mellow attorney, and this fact was reflected in the divorce decree.
Aside from a minimal child support payment and a division of the mutual
assets, my mother received next to nothing for ten loyal years of
marriage. As our broken family relocated to a small, two-bedroom
apartment, I searched for someone to blame. Although I was too young to
understand the complicated legal proceedings, I observed how "the big,
important guy" (the judge) seemed to listen more attentively to "the
angry loud man." When I asked my mother the reason for this inequality,
she said something about not having the same resources that my father
had. So I was convinced that "the loud angry man" who wanted a lot of
was the cause of my unhappy situation. For the next year, I repeatedly
asked questions about lawyers. While my peers were still insisting that
they were going to be ninja fighters or ballerinas, I proclaimed my
future as a very loud lawyer that did not require a lot of resources to
do a good job.

As I grew and matured, I realized that my childish declaration would
require dedication. To adjust to my new school and family situation, I
eased the transition with extracurricular activities. I especially
became interested in public-speaking, which was reflected in my growing
confidence at school and my outspoken personality at home. The jump
from middle school to high school shifted my attentions from 4-H
debates and school elections to more in-depth experiences. Sophomore
year I discovered a rare opportunity in the Boy Scouts Law Exploring
Post. This group provided first-hand insights into modern law careers
and enabled me to directly experience numerous aspects of legal

Enticing lectures from the district attorney, personal interviews
with private lawyers and observational trips to local courthouses not
only furthered my interest in more popular, romanticized courtroom
action, but also expanded my interests to include the more practical
applications of the law.

I have found within myself a passion for understanding and upholding
the institutions by which man attempts to govern himself. One day I
hope to be a productive part of the American justice system without
losing touch of how deeply my efforts can affect a person’s life. So
now that I have established a clear path to my goal, I must gather my


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