Heinous Kitten Abuser Caught Last Week. Anti Animal Cruelty March on Jan 8, 2005 in HK

Posted on: January 15, 2006











Reward for Conviction of Abuser Doubled
to $20,000
KONG, 4th January 2006) The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals Hong Kong (SPCA HK) announced the Reward posted for any
information provided leading to the conviction of the Mongkok Cat
Cruelty Abuser has been doubled to $20,000.

With the
widespread publicity scored after the announcement of the reward made
on 22 December 2005, the SPCA (HK) received numerous calls from the
general public, volunteering to donate to team up the reward.

SPCA (HK) is in full support in urging the government to revise Cap.
169. “Penalty for animal abuse should bear the same weight to human
violence. Hong Kong, being a world class city, should have the same
respect for animal life as in other leading nations,” said Dr. Fiona
Woodhouse, Deputy Director of Welfare Service, SPCA (HK).

SPCA (HK) invites the general public to lend a helping hand to save
these least-fortunate animals. Every piece of information may lead to
the arrest and conviction of the abuser.

Their well-being depends on everyone in the society.

Reporting Hotline:
SPCA (HK) 24-Hour Inspectorate Hotline: 2711 1000
Mongkok Police Station: 2398 6397 (0900-1700); 9460 0404 (1700-0900)

For more enquiries, please reach the PR & Communications Department:
Fight Animal Abuse SPCA (HK) Pleads Support from the Public

KONG, 29th November 2005) The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals Hong Kong (SPCA HK) requests everyone in the community to lend
a helping hand to fight animal abuse.

The SPCA (HK) is very
alarmed by recent reported cases of abuse on kittens taken place in
Mongkok. Unfortunately, incidences as such are only at the tip of the
iceberg. The SPCA (HK) has conducted 479 investigations on cruelty
complaints brought to us by the general public or the authority during
April 2004 to March 2005, a rise from 419 a year earlier. Throughout
the period (2004-2005), 42 warnings have been given out, but only two
prosecutions were successfully filed. Entering into 2005, with
increased public awareness, ten prosecutions have been acted upon
between May to September, 2005.

Animal abuse, whether
intentional or unintentional, will never be tolerated. Since the first
reported abuse case in Mongkok on 23rd September, SPCA Inspectorate
Team has conducted frequent patrols. Unfortunately, so far, no suspects
have been identified.

"The SPCA (HK) is very disappointed
that there seems no progress in revising the Cap. 169 (Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals Ordinance) despite our ongoing effort to push ahead
with the government in the past ten years," said Dr. Fiona Woodhouse,
Deputy Director of Welfare Services, SPCA (HK).

To raise
public awareness on animal abuse & these suspected abuse cases, an
education campaign is being conducted today. Together with help from
volunteers, SPCA (HK) handed out thousands of leaflets to shop owners,
workers and residents in the area, and posters pinned up, inviting the
public to help fight cruelty by reporting any suspect cases with no

SPCA (HK) reminds the public that animal abuse is
serious and they should report any case of animal abuse to SPCA (HK),
Police or AFCD so that prosecutions can be acted upon.


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