Trusting the Universe

Posted on: January 2, 2006

The following is extracted from "Trusting the Universe" by Margaret Paul, Ph.D

are major incidents, but I’ve had hundreds of minor incidents that let
me know that I am being guided toward my highest good. The key is to
not let our wounded self diminish these situations with statements
like, "It’s just a coincidence."

one of my clients, was struggling with her trust in the universe. I
asked her to think about a time when she knew she was being guided and
supported. "Well, one important time was when I was thinking of
quitting college. I had gone to my college that day with the intention
of quitting when I ran into an old friend. We sat and talked, and then
I went home. It was only after I got home that I realized that I forgot
to quit. I stayed in school and finished and it was one of the best
things I ever did for myself. I know that day Spirit made sure I ran
into my friend so that I would forget about quitting! Another time was
when my baby son was in the hospital and very, very sick. The doctor
said he might not survive the night. I prayed and prayed and put my
body over his and sent all of my love into him. Immediately his fever
went down and he was okay. God was definitely with me." Remembering
these times helped Sally to reaffirm her trust in God.

cannot think of a better way to reduce or eliminate anxiety than to
decide to trust the universe. When we are in the midst of extreme
difficulties, reminding ourselves that we are being guided is a
powerful way to stay present and centered and handle the difficulties.

the trauma of my house burning subsided, I questioned my Guidance
regarding why I wasn’t warned in a way that could have stopped the
house from burning. I was told that, because I had lived and worked in
that house for 31 years, too much of my energy was in the house. Spirit
needed to help me by burning out the energy so that my health would not
be adversely affected by people tapping into it. I was told that my
house burning was for my benefit, even though it felt so traumatic at
the time. In addition, I received more compensation from the insurance
than I did from selling the house! What seemed like a disaster turned
out to be a good thing.

we have free will, each of us has the option of deciding to trust that
we are truly being supported by the universe, that even very
challenging situations are all opportunities to evolve our soul in
love, both toward ourselves and others. Life is filled with ups and
downs, with good times and bad. It’s important to realize that when bad
things happen, it does not mean that we are not being supported and
guided in our soul’s journey. Inner peace comes when we trust that the
universe always supports our highest good.



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