Knowing too much – a bliss or a curse?

Posted on: December 24, 2005

Knowing Too Much
Ignorance Can Be Bliss 

These days, we can know too much. And while sometimes it can be a great
benefit to us to know the tiniest details of events, both bitter and
sweet, there are also times when knowing less about the future, our
situations, and the world, in general, can be beneficial. Being
blissfully ignorant does not mean ignoring vital information or
shutting out the world’s tragedies. Rather, it is a way to step away
from knowledge that may only needlessly have a negative impact on your
life experience. It’s not always necessary to expose yourself to
information that will only overwhelm you, hold you back, or cause you
pain. Sometimes, ignorance can be truly blissful.

While having all the information you need can help you make an informed
decision, sometimes knowing all the information can be unnecessary
excess. Especially when you are trying to pursue a goal, the knowledge
of all the ways in which you could fail can keep you from even trying.
Blissful ignorance can sometimes propel you forward because you never
even knew that the possibility of failure existed. Ignorance can also
be bliss when you are facing hardships. If circumstances force you to
take on a job you dislike, you may enter your new situation with
unpleasant and preconceived notions that can likely create the very
circumstances you are dreading. Experiencing a situation with no
expectations and no advanced notions can allow you to experience it as
new, because your blissful ignorance prevented you from having any
preset ideas.

There is nothing wrong with avoiding "too much information,"
particularly when the knowledge isn’t going to serve you. When
information is emotionally draining, impedes your progress, causes
distress, and isn’t necessary to your experience, consider letting it
pass you by. Remember the bliss of ignorance can sometimes be a gift.


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