Forgiving equals to Freedom?

Posted on: May 15, 2005



Forgiveness Equals Freedom

by Charles Lightwalker 

reprinted with permission



is a journey to freedom. It is a process that takes some effort, a path
with many plateaus. We may think that forgiveness is complete at these
resting points, and then something comes up to show us that there is
more work to be done.

process of forgiveness is transformational. It is complex, not to be
taken lightly, and not something that can be done on command. Be
patient and tender with yourself on your journey to forgiveness. How
often do we accept an apology without thinking twice about what we are
really feeling around the issue? How often do we say we’re "sorry"
without ever taking the time to understand why we did what we did in
the first place?

we can resolve an issue and consecrate it with forgiveness, we are free
to move forward unencumbered by the past. We are empowered to move
forward with a deeper understanding of who we are, but we have to let
go of some emotional energy in order to do this.

about how great it feels when you complete a project. Unfinished
business, whether it’s on the inside or the outside, is energetically
draining. When we are giving away too much energy, we can’t keep
ourselves healthy and creative. Then we’re merely in survival mode. We
have energetic cords coming from us that feed our "stuff" – everything
that has yet to be resolved. It’s no wonder we feel so tired at times.
Completing unfinished business on the inside will free up space for
unfinished business to resolve itself on the outside. This is why we
feel free and energized when our unfinished business is complete.

to act from a place of love is another plateau on the forgiveness
journey. We all long to act from a loving place, but we can’t pretend
to do so – it’s energetically impossible. When our emotions are not in
line with our words or actions, we send mixed messages. Regardless of
what we say, the person on the receiving end is aware at some level of
our true emotions. Unconscious fuel can leave energentic scars on
relationships at emotional and spiritual levels. Instead of pretending
to act from a place of love, it would be more loving to be honest and
let others know if something that occurred between you brought up some
feelings that need to be resolved.

don’t confuse feeling sorry for someone with forgiveness. Forgiving
someone because you feel sorry for them is arrogant. Feeling sorry for
someone is judging them, looking down on them, and assuming they can’t
change or help themselves. Feeling sorry for someone can feed their
self-pity and keep them stuck.

an emotional charge is a clue that more work needs to be done in the
process of forgiveness. Avoiding our feelings will leave us on another
plateau. Rationalizing and intellectualizing our feelings in our heads
and judging them as unacceptable will not release them. We need to
bring our emotions up into our conscious awareness so we can feel them.
In feeling them, we can begin to understand why we are experiencing
them and trace them back to their roots for healing. Only by feeling
our emotions can we begin to release them.

an issue affects us on a cellular level, it is often difficult to
release and forgive, and we may need some assistance in our process.
Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. We have an abundance of
Divine assistance (guides and angels) available to us when we ask. It
takes some work to get to the place and the space of forgiveness. The
forgiveness process teaches us to be gentle with ourselves and others.
In order to give the best of yourself, it is necessary to love yourself

is truly a journey to freedom. When the emotional charge from the pain
incurred has shifted to the memory of what you have learned from the
experience, and only love and gratitude remain in your heart for
yourself and those you have forgiven, you will know that forgiveness is
complete. A greater understanding of the deeper meaning of your earthly
experience and destiny will be revealed, and you will probably choose
to learn in a more elegant way in the future. Then life will be more


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