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Universal Laws – Law of Attraction

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We Create Our Own Reality

You repeat often that we create our own reality, but how do we create what we want?

In simple terms, think of what you want and nothing else! The reason most of you do not end up creating all of the things you want is that you pay too much attention to what you lack and to past experience. You build your model of the world based upon past experience. Past experience is not only what you have experienced directly, but also what has been passed down to you by your parents and previous generations. You took on certain beliefs and inherited certain expectations. However, this is not to say that you don’t have the money, the relationship, or the job you want because of your parents. You already have enough things to blame for your lack of success!

The commandment to “know thyself” is paramount in the quest for joyful living. For as you know yourself, you begin to understand your thoughts and beliefs. And what are beliefs? They are merely thoughts that have been thought many, many times. In a cultural context, there are thoughts that have been thought for many, many generations, so much so, they have become culturally ingrained. Therefore, for those of you who are seekers of joy, you need to make consistent choices about what you think. Your friends, family, churches, and others in authority may tell you that you cannot do or become a certain thing, and many of them think they are telling you these things from a position of love. They will convince you that they are trying to protect you from disappointment, or that what you want is unrealistic or impossible to achieve. Every instance of this is the Universe showing you where you need to change your beliefs.

As you begin to think about what you want, the Law of Attraction becomes active around the subject. Every aspect concerning that subject will become apparent to you, for that is where your focus is. Aspects of that focus will be reflected back to you through people and events in your life. For example, if you want a new job, then every aspect of finding and having a new job will manifest in your life. If you have doubts concerning your abilities, they will manifest through others telling you that you are not qualified to do what you want to do, or that you have set your goals too high. This is your opportunity to deal with the beliefs and transform them, not a sign for you to give up! If you have a belief that says that it is rare to get a good job which is fulfilling and rewarding and that most people struggle through life, you will need to deal with these beliefs and change them consciously and deliberately.

It is not that the Universe, as a consciousness outside of yourself, is ‘sending’ you these things to deal with; it is that your focus has changed. As you focus on a subject, the subject will grow. All things are energy, and a new job or career is also energy. This energy is unique to you and is an expression of all the beliefs, thoughts, and ideas you have on the subject. As you focus on ‘the new job’, all aspects of that ‘energy’ will be amplified in your life. Manifestation is one of the most rapid paths to enlightenment. It offers you many opportunities for growth and shows you who you are on many, many levels. When you think of anything you want, the Universe instantly starts bringing it to you in the way in which you think of that thing. By becoming aware of your judgements, prejudices, fears, and limited thoughts around any subject, you will learn to transform them to a higher expression.

What stops most of you from getting what you want is that when different aspects of the ‘subject’ come up for review, you get discouraged. There is no need for this. The wonderful thing about understanding that you create your own reality is that you can clearly see where you are placing your thoughts by what manifests in your life. However, we have noticed that many of you who acknowledge this power chastise yourselves for having done things wrong. You are never wrong; you are always right. You always get what you think of, what you believe!

As different aspects of the subject come up for review, most of you focus on the negative or lack side of the subject. Your world is a world of comparison. Comparison helps you know what you want by experiencing what you do not want. As your negative beliefs, or beliefs in lack, come up, bless them. Mentally thank those who express your inner doubts to you, for they are merely responding to your energy and are expressing that part of themselves which resonates with your inner beliefs. When others criticise you, it is because they are not supportive of themselves and are reflecting back to you the parts of yourself that do not support you. They are your mirrors, they are the other side of the coin, and you are both working with the same belief systems.

The Universe responds to your thinking. As you are in the world of comparison, each subject has two sides, the negative pole and the positive pole, or the lack of what you want and the having of what you want. So many of you, when you decide that you want something, immediately start thinking of all the reasons why it may not be possible or why you can’t have it. All thought is creative, and each new thought that you have launches a new creation in your life. When you start to think of the reasons you can’t have something, that also goes forth as a creation and counteracts the previous thought of creating what you want. This is how many of you get stuck.

Everything is energy and all energy is moulded by thought. In addition to thought, you have another very powerful ally, which is emotion. Thought precedes emotion, always. Those thoughts that stimulate great emotion or feeling in you are very powerful thoughts indeed, irrespective of whether they are positive or negative. Therefore, when it comes to drawing to you what you do not want, worry, dread, and fear are also powerful creators. The Universe does not understand the difference between ‘want’ and ‘don’t want’; Universal energy only responds to focus and the energy that your feelings add to that focus. From this perspective, worry becomes a process of creating more of what you don’t want.

Desire is the driving force behind creation. Without it, nothing would exist. If there were no desire to write this book, it would not be in existence. If you had no desire to purchase your home, you would not be in it. If you had no desire to buy the shoes you are wearing, you would not have them. Desire is a powerful engine which drives the creative process. Your feelings are your friends. However, so many of you have become afraid of your feelings, seeing them as a weakness or as something less desirable. In fact, you are feeling beings, and it is your feelings that drive you towards making all major decisions.

Most of you have become fearful of your feelings because you are afraid of the feeling of disappointment. This feeling of disappointment stems from early childhood encounters with the adults around you. You came into the world as a fearless bundle of love and acceptance, willing to embrace all things. As you grew up, parenting became focused towards teaching you skills of survival and protection in an uncertain world. You began to understand at a very young age that love was not unconditional and that truth was not necessarily what was wanted. With these realisations, you gradually began to shut off your deepest inner feelings, for the deepest inner need you carry is the need to love. Most believe that their deepest need is to be loved, but in fact, the greatest inner drive that you have is to love, for that is the purpose that you came to fulfil in this and the many other lives which you have had.

Deep within you is a place of passion; it is located behind your solar plexus, in the deepest part of your being. Some have called this the Soul’s Will to Love, others have called it the Core Star, and still others, the Seat of the Soul. We call it the Centre of Soul Desire, or the Soul’s Will to Manifest Love. It makes no difference what you call it, this point of divine desire acts like a magnet, drawing you towards the realisation of love. It is this point of desire that you can use to stimulate, boost, and energise all of your manifesting. However, this centre of desire is often buried under layers of grief and disappointment.

So many of you have decided that it is impossible for you to have what you want, or that you are not worthy of it, or that it is not allowed. With these early childhood decisions, you cut yourself off from the source of creation within you. It is not that you have not been manifesting, for clearly you have. What we are talking about is your ability to manifest your dreams, to live out your aspirations, to live a life of potential instead of broken dreams that lead to broken hearts. In order for you to tap into this place of desire, you will need to overcome your fear of disappointment. When you feel that which you want, feel it more. And as you feel it more, add more feeling yet until you can see, taste, smell, and expect the thing you want. If pangs of fear come up for you, feel them too. If grief comes up for you, feel it. Feel all there is to feel. For as you tap into deeper desires, you may need to work through the layers in which you have surrounded it. Perhaps you will need to release or forgive a parent, yourself, or some other person in your life, and all that is fine. The process of manifesting is most successful when you feel passion for the thing you want. For you to feel passion, you will generally need to move through blockages to that passion. It is part of the process.

In addition to feelings, the next most important thing is to understand what it is that you want. That not only means being specific about what you want, it means getting clear on why you want it and what it is going to add to your experience and to your life. For example, you may want a new car. What does that new car mean to you? Is it safety? A sense of self-worth? Reliability? Beauty? Freedom? There are many possibilities, and only you can know what it means to you. Once you have identified the essence of what you want, begin to identify other areas in your life where this essence exists. For example, let us say that the new car or a house on the beach represent freedom to you. Once you have identified the essence as freedom, you can begin to look at your life and identify where you can easily add more freedom to your day-to-day life. The physical world is but a reflection of the inner world. Therefore, if to you a new car represents freedom, what you are really asking for is more freedom. Through making changes in your life, however minor, that allow you more freedom, you will align your energy with the essence of freedom, and therefore the things that represent freedom to you can enter your life more easily and rapidly.

The Universe is a place of energy and resonance. As you change or enhance your energy to be more aligned with what you want, the faster it will come to you. Sometimes, in this process of discovering the essence of what you want, you realise that it is not the material thing you want, but ways to experience that essence. Either way, the process has served you and will continue to serve you.

Once you have discovered what the essence of a thing is, begin to visualise it. As you visualise it, do not only tap into the essence of it, but also into your desire. Allow yourself to feel it fully and do not be afraid of any feelings that come up. If fears come up, feel them and go deeper. Eventually you will always feel your deeper inner desire, and that is always aligned with the love of your soul. When you have identified all these things and have visualised the end result, continue to think of what you want. Live it, breathe it, walk it, taste it, want it.

If there is anything in your life which you don’t have and which you say you want, it is always because you have not wanted it enough. Not wanting it enough means that you have either sabotaged the process right at the start by allowing your ‘logical’ mind to convince you that it is isn’t possible or realistic, or that you have withdrawn from wanting the thing because you do not want to risk disappointment. In other words, you are afraid to want it too much in case it doesn’t come to you.

We hear you when you say that you have wanted something for years and years and you still don’t have it. We understand this. However, remember that each subject has its positive aspect and its negative aspect, the having of it or the lack of it. When you look at the things that you have wanted and examine the balance of your thinking on the subject, what has that been? If you have wanted more money, where have your thoughts been? On the lack of it? If you have wanted a loving partner, where have your thoughts been? On loneliness or that lovers aren’t to be trusted? If you have wanted a new exciting career, where have your thoughts been? On how others are more talented or that good luck is on their side and not yours? Each of your desires can be counterbalanced by your attention to the lack of what you want. If you want a baby, think not of infertility, but of the joys of parenthood. If you want a financial fortune, think of what you can do with it.

It is important to set aside time every day for daydreaming. Make your dreams as big and as real as possible. As you daydream, you set forth creation. The more you do it, the more real your logical mind will allow it to be. The more your mind accepts the possibility, the bigger your dreams will be and you will act accordingly. As your dreams get bigger and become more real, you move into the realm of probability, and then expectation. As you move into expectation, it is yours!

This process may take one day or several years depending on the dream. There is only one factor in the time it takes, and that is your capacity to believe in it! Some dreams unfold little by little and they do so because you are still in the process of convincing yourself either that you may have it, that it is possible, or that you are worthy of it. The dreams that take longer to unfold are the ones that are dogged by conflicting and limiting beliefs. Both individually and as a species, you hold many beliefs concerning abundance, money, good health, love, relationships, and success. Those things that require you to make changes to your inner self and the way you view yourself will take longer to manifest; it is a journey. However, it takes no more energy, thought, or emotion to create a new bicycle than it does to create a financial fortune. It is the same process. The difference is your feelings and beliefs about the subject!

Excerpt from “Omni Reveals The Four Principles of Creation” published by Findhorn Press


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